Postage Discounts

GAD Postage Discounts

Postal services over the last few years have diversified significantly and there are now a vast amount of services and suppliers all offering different delivery speeds and more importantly different prices. In some cases this can provide savings of up to 30% against Royal Mail’s standard tariff prices.

We obtain wholesale postal rates from the UK & Overseas postal providers, so instead of you working directly with the likes of Royal Mail, UK Mail, DHL, TNT, CityLink, OnePost and Secured Mail, it could be cheaper for you to use our postal accounts.

If Royal Mail is the best option for your mailing we can produce your mailing to their requirements and sort it so you achieve the maximum discounts available; i.e. Mailsort including OCR and CBC, Clean Mail, Business Mail, Advertising Mail, Sustainable Mail etc.

Before you commit to your next mailing campaign you should contact us as we could save you hundreds of pounds as well as taking the headache out of your mailing production.